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Hi everyone. :) I'll try to tell you a little bit about me.

I'm Sandy aka Browneyes015

I'm a married woman with two beautiful children. I'm a SAHM so I am fortunate to spend alot of time with my children; playing games, helping them with their school work,  making crafts, and just having fun.

Some of my hobbies are working on my website(and forum), surfing the net, watching birds, taking photos and making crafts. I also enjoy reading, watching movies, taking long walks and riding my bike.

One of my favorite seasons is Summer. I enjoy warm - hot weather and love to go to the beach often during the summer months. (That's why I chose this background and often go by the user name Summer) The pool is nice also and even the back yard will do. I enjoy laying out in the sun, cooking dinner outside on the grill and relaxing, as well as playing outside on the cool Summer evenings.
Late Spring and Fall are nice also. That's a great time to take my kids to the parks for hikes, go fly kites, play on the playground, watch birds, etc. I love spending time outside. Fall is the most beautiful time of year to me. I love the colorful leaves, mums and other foilage.
I love all kinds of animals. I have had cats, dogs, rabbits, turtles and hamsters as pets. I don't care for spiders, snakes, ticks and that sort of thing. They say people are either cat or dog people but I would have to honestly say, that I love them both equally. I find animals to have their own unique personalities just like people. Some nice and loving, and some rather nasty and tempermental.


Salt water in the air
A gentle breeze blows my hair

Spread the blanket in the perfect spot
Close to water, incase it gets hot

Children venture out to see what they can find
Shells, shark's teeth & other treasures in mind

They run across the beach in bare feet
as seagulls & ducks search for something to eat

Passer bys throw pieces of bread
The birds are happy to be fed

Buckets and shovels produce fine castles in the sand
Many lie in the sun, trying to get tanned

The sound of the waves splashing against the tide
makes one feel relaxed & peaceful inside

The water is perfect for cooling down
many swimmers and waders can be found

The beach is a wonderous land
a special & unique world covered with sand

By Sandy Jones
June 19, 2002


My Favorite tv shows:

CSI, Lost, Without A Trace, Alias, & Charmed. (I enjoy murder mysteries the most but I also like a little weird Sci Fi.)
The only soap opera that I've ever enjoyed watching is General Hospital. I have watched them off and on for around 24 years. My favorite character on GH is Maurice Benard who plays Sonny Corinthos. He makes the show for me. ;)
My Favorite old tv shows:
I Love Lucy (She still makes me laugh)
The Andy Grifith Show
My Favorite Movies:
My favorite movies are murder mysteries, action thrillers, and comedies. One of my favorite movies was Scar Face with Alpacino. I loved the Young Gun movies with Emlio E. (Can't remember how to spell his name but he really cracked me up in those movies.)
Favorite Actors:
I've always been a big fan of Slyvester Stalone and all of his movies especially the Rambo series. Johnny Depp is one of the most attractive men I have ever seen. I think he is an awesome actor even though he takes some strange parts.
Favorite Cartoon:
Scooby Doo
My Favorite Books:
My favorite books are murder mysterious. I used to read the weird series of books by VC Andrews but lost interest. Now I enjoy reading the Amelia Peabody mysteries by Elizabeth Peters.


Here's a list of some of my favorite music:
Older: Eagles, Led Zeplin, Pink Floyd, Phil Collins, Ricky Martin, Journey, Madonna, Rod Stewart. 
Recent:  Garth Brooks, Randy Travis, Tim McGraw, Sara Evans, Keith Urban, Allan Jackson and country, country, country.
My favorite foods are:
Fried Chicken


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