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Furry Friends (Pets)

I love animals. I have had many pets. I will tell you a little bit about a few of them. I also have included some photos.

 My Cat Kitty Roo

Kitty Roo was with us for 11 years. She passed away May 2001 and is missed very much. She was a big part of our family. She gave us alot of joy while she was here and we believe we gave her a very good life. 


This summer I missed her following the kids around the yard. She used to like to watch them play. When I laid out in the sun, she was right there with me.


In the Fall when the kids went back to school, she would sit outside and wait for the school bus with me. She was always there to greet us when we came home from school, work, the grocery store, anywhere.


Whenever we got something new she was always there to check it out.

At Christmas time she used to sit quitely in the family room and watch the children open their presents waiting for the opportunity to play with some paper or string. At night when we went to sleep was her time to play with the Christmas tree. She loved the colorful ornaments and would smack at them till they fell and then she would play with them like a ball.

In the Winter time she could not wait until my husband got home from work so she could climb up on his lap and snuggle up for a nap.

She was such a good cat there wasn't even any need for a litter box. She would wake me up in the morning with a gentle cry to go outside and do her business.


I think the Spring time was her favorite. She couldn't wait to go outside in the morning to watch the birds and other wildlife that crossed her yard.


She gave us a ton of love and we loved her very much also. She was a very special cat and will always be in my heart.

Kitty Roo

My New Kitty - Peekaboo

November 2004 around Thanksgiving we got a 10 week old kitten. She loves playing hide and seek and peekaboo, so we gave her the name Peekaboo. She is very playful and loves spending time with everyone in the family. She is mystified by water but doesn't enjoy being wet. She loves to play with everything, strings, balls, my hand etc.... She has a thing for small shiny objects. She likes to take them and hide them in one of her hide outs such as under the small living room table. She is growing really fast. She is a joy to be around and great company.

Kitty Boo 2004

Kitty Boo 2005


My Dog TIP

Our dog, Tip was the animal that I was closest to growing up. We got him when I was about 4 years old and he lived until I was around 14 years old. He was a very loving dog and knew many tricks. He could shake hands, sit and jump up and give you a hug.


He used to love to snap at bees and occassionally he would swallow one. I would hear a loud yelp!


He was very protective. If strangers came in the yard, he would start barking and let us know immediately. One time a pack of wild dogs came in our yard during the night. They were trying to get to our rabbits. Tip broke free from his chain and ran to fight off the dogs. My dad heard the noise and ran outside to chase the wild dogs off.


He was a true friend. When ever I was feeling down or just a little lonely he was there to cheer me up. I will never forget him.

Tip in June 1969. (Passed away June 1983)

Pets are a blessing to those that own them
They can easily become one's best friend

The first to greet you, when you arrive home
There to keep you company, when you feel alone

Someone to talk to, when you're feeling sad
Not giving any advice, but making you not feel so bad

Sometimes you feel tired and under the weather
Your pet is there to cuddle and make you feel better

When you're feeling well and having a good day
Your pet is more than ready, to have some fun & play

Some people change and go their separate ways
but your pet will stay with you until his last days

Their always there to give you, all the love they have to give
A true & faithful friend for as long as they live

Their love is pure and innocent, not motivated by greed
So open your heart, and make sure you give them all the love they need.




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