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I've never taken an HTML class, but I have found it to be a very useful tool when building a website, forum, blog or even a signature. Therefore I taught myself the basics just by surfing online. On this page I will list some of the tags that I have learned and some useful links.

In alot of cases,basic HTML consists of an opening tag, your text(writing) and then a closing tag.
Heading tag
<h1>Type heading here.</h1>
 (Change the number after the h to make the text larger)
Paragraph tag
<p>Type paragraph here.</p>
(Leaves line before and after a paragraph.)

The <br> tag is used when you want to end a line, and go to the next line but don't want to start a new paragraph.
(You don't need a closing tag with this code.)

The comment tag is used to insert a private comment or note to yourself in the HTML source code that will not appear on the page.
<!-- This is what a comment looks like. -->

To insert a horizontal rule/line across the page use this code <hr>

To add color to the line add... <hr color= red> That would produce a red line. Change the color word to change the color of the line.

For bold text(writing)
<b>text here </b>

For italic text
<i>text here</i>

To underline text
<u>text here</u>

To change the color of the text
<font color =red>text here</font>

To change the size of text
<font size =+1>slightly larger text</font>
Change the +1 to +2, +3 etc. the higher the number the larger the text.

One of my favorite tags is the marquee tag. It causes your text to move across your page. There are ways to slow the text or speed it up, make it go left to right or right to left, up or down etc.... But for now I will just list the basic marquee tag.

<marquee>insert your text here</marquee>

To add an image
<img src="insert url to where you image is hosted here">

To add a link to another page
<a href="insert url to page here"</a>

Useful Links
HTML tutorials
HTML Editor
(You can test your html code out at these links before inserting it on your page.)
Color Charts
These Links list the colors and there hex #'s that you can use in your tags.

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